In a world that seems turned upside down with global virus outbreaks and societal uproar, I felt it was time to finally get out of my egoic head to share my music and message with you. I wrote it a few years ago after resurge of school shootings and growing crimes of injustice. Even more has festered in our world since then and enough is enough.

I know one song can't change the world, but I also believe that if we want to see change, we must do the work to collectively to speak out for equality, heal our past transgressions and be better together.

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Whether it be a logo, website or launch, I help people communicate who they are, what they offer and who they offer it to with clarity. I champion my clients to deliver creative, impactful brands that align their values and purpose with 
results they want.

Building Brands with Connection, Purpose and Action

I am fortunate to have developed my creative expertise in so many ways. Among the talents that I share with the world as principal consultant for Ty Andrews Productions, I am an arts/enrichment educator, graphic designer, brand marketing consultant, singer, recording artist and producer.


For nearly two decadesI have advised and served in positions of creative management for non-profits and businesses. Some of the corporations I've worked with are the Florida Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Target and BBDO ad agency. I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Florida A&M University and a certification in audio recording arts technology from Atlanta Institute of Music.

In 2016, I started Ty Andrews Productions LLC to help entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations communicate messages they get excited about and can share in efficient ways. I have enjoyed learning from my clients the importance of getting real about who they are vs. who they want to be, who they serve and how they show up in the world using their values and purpose as their strongest identity. 

Services I offer are as follows:

Creative Services

• One-On-One Strategy Sessions

• Brand Identity Development  

• Art Direction

• Social Media Management

• Promotional & Event Branding

• Website & Digital Design

• Email Marketing

• Copywriting/Taglines

• Music & Audio Production

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Positively Perfect Packaging

Package design for Positively Perfect dolls, sold nationally in Target and Walmart stores. Founded by Dr. Lisa Williams, these dolls were created to encourage the dreams of children, develop healthy self esteem and an appreciation for
multi-cultural diversity. I absolutely loved concepting one of their best-selling dolls "Zair" (not shown). This product was one of my most memorable projects.

Helping Entrepreneurs Spread Their Message with the World


"This is my first photoshoot
in 10 years! I'm having a blast."

Shasta Bridges, Singer/Entreprenuer


Many entrepreneurs are very creative and often very busy! As an artist myself, I understand the nuts and bolts of getting a variety of products delivered from start to finish. I enjoy collaborating with other creatives to help them get their thoughts out of their head and message into the world.


Here is behind the scenes album cover shoot for singer Shasta Bridges with celebrity photographer David Rams  and makeup artist Theresa Stone.

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DIY Music: Online Program Teaches Kids How to Make Instruments with Recycled Household Items


After the world pandemic hit, I was challenged to get creative and come up with a way to continue teaching kids at home after spending years teaching after-school drumming. I found myself recycling more than enough cardboard rolls and DIY Music was born. Each 15 minute video provides children with fun, educational ways to play games, understand music/culture, while learning how to make instruments with household items.

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Centers for Spiritual Living Launches #LegacyVision2020 Convention 


It was an honor to be a part of their Events Team and serve as a graphic design sponsor for CSL's "Legacy & Vision" theme. Click Here to view more event promotion materials and insights. 


"Be Real" Conversation Starter Game Card Game with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant 

I produced and art directed this commercial spot for the product launch "Be Real", a conversation starter game for all ages by Inspirational Labs. The holiday edition card deck was designed to help people practice digital well being, form deeper connections and create new memories. It also included voice command features available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. See for details.

Websites That Add Value for You and 
Your Ideal Client


I often get requests from people to create or "redesign"websites after their failed attempt to do it on their own. My approach is different. Before designing a website, I coach my clients that are feeling stuck through a series of strategy sessions to ensure we are creating engaging content with clarity, value and purpose. 

Medical Doctor Rediscovers His Calling in Guatemala [Documentary Video]


In addition to branding support, I volunteered with Kaleidoscope Child Foundation (KCF) and Dr. Michael Chambers to set up a medical day clinic in the village of San Antonio, Guatemala. 50 children, their families and elderly women were treated throughout the day for medical conditions such as skin infections, diabetes and malnutrition.


Visiting a third-world country can feel scarce when high speed technology and equipment isn't readily available, so I chose to document this experience using 2 Apple phones. I felt this approach created a more honest, up close and personal glimpse of Guatemala and the impact KCF and Dr. Chambers demonstrated.

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Think Up Tees: A Fit for Every Personality

Think Up Tees does the talking for you. With designs created by Ty Andrews, Think Up Tees provides a voice of creative self-expression to fit your personality. Featuring the first best selling "And So It Is" and "Pleasure Principle" shirt designs, Think Up Tees has over 80 original product designs available in a variety of sizes and styles for women, men, youth and also pets! Custom bulk orders with free shipping available. 


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