Now's the Time by Ty Andrews

Now's the Time is available on all major digital platforms. 
Words, Music and Lyrics by Ty Andrews
Video Directed By: Rusty Walton

Now's the Time We Can 
Make a Difference.

What is going on in our world? As if a plague, lockdown living, hate crimes, police brutality protests, sky-rocketing unemployment and murder hornets haven't been enough. 

I wrote Now's the Time a few years back after a large surge of gun shootings and hate crime killings spread across America. Since then, the world has experienced an upheaval of systemic racism, police brutality and hate crimes like never befoer. The wounds we once kept band-aids on are agitated and we are now being called to look at our past pain(s) to stop the bleeding.

As we navigate through these unusual times, racial reckoning is still in order and silence has become agreement. With over 20 years of professional experience in the advertising industry, I have become a brand marketing champion for businesses, leaders and non-profits that want to share their voice and make a difference by just being themselves. One of the ways I choose to take action is by using my social and creative media platforms to help educate, engage 

and inspire others about what they feel is important.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music and explore the other ways I show up in the world through creative marketing. I know one song or even a logo can't save the world, but creative expression and music heals hearts and opens minds. I stand for equality on all grounds. Whether it be social media, a song or launch, I'm committed to using my gifts, skills and talent to help make a difference. 

What do you stand for?


Whether it be a logo, song, website or launch, you can make an impact in the world by just being who you are.

"Hey everybody it's D-I-Y


Ty Andrews Creates
DIY Music to Teach
Kids at Home How to Have Fun Making Music From Household Items 


After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was challenged to sustain my source of income for myself as well as help some of my clients reinvent themselves fast. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I also worked as an educator teaching children interactive drumming after-school classes. It was imperative that school parents receive help for their children's meals and education during this crisis. It was also a call to action for me to continue growing my talent in a way that could make a difference.


Living a quarantined life for months made me realize the huge number of toilet paper and paper towels that were being used at my house during lockdown. I happened to receive an invitation from Academic Youth Academy to create a virtual class that was teachable for kids stuck at home. I found two empty paper towel rolls while recycling and realized that hitting them together created sounds similiar to the instruments I used to teach kids in person. Hence, DIY Music was born. Had I not surrendered to getting still I may have missed the inspiration that was around me all along.


I have currently created over 30 videos available for kids to learn about music and make instruments using everyday items from around the house. Each 15-20 minute video is designed to provide fun lessons that encourages an appreciation music, other cultures and care for the environment. It is also my hope that DIY Music can help create deeper connections and engagement between families and their children.

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