The latest track from Ty Andrews with a message that simply says if we want the world to look different we have to love one another. Written and Produced by Ty Andrews. Lead Vocal and Percussion: Ty Andrews

Horn and Vocal Arrangements: James Andrews and Ty Andrews Piano and Synthesizer: James Andrews Bass: Fuji Fujimoto Mixed/Mastered by James Andrews


Cover photo: Rusty Walton


Shasta's "soultry" voice can glow like a slow steady flame or catch fire and burn down the house!  Over the past decade, Shasta has recorded over a dozen songs that have never been released. I love working with other artists, speakers and entertainers and it has been a pleasure working with Shasta  on the release of her first new single cover of John Lennon's, “Imagine".  Check it out on iTunes.

Photography: David Rams  Hair/Makeup: Theresa Stone

Art Direction/Producer: Ty Andrews


"Feeling Free", written and co-produced by Ty Andrews/Bruce Michael, is a dance song about liberation. It was also written with the intention to support the LGBT community and people ready to live a fuller life. It is has also been featured on Norwood's Tour De Fierce CD.

Listen on Spotify.

Recalibrate: New EDM Music with

528 Hz Healing Frequency

With so much turmoil going on in the world, I wanted to express my own personal view of it and what it is mine to do. Whether or not we consume ourselves with political, digital or self-critical distractions, it is my belief that there is a greater power that always exists within all of us to reset life to be the way WE want it to be. I wrote and produced "Recalibrate" with beat master Prince Bruce. The final "shimmer" was mixed and mastered by Grammy-Award winning audio engineer Robert Hannon. When I initially heard Bruce's acid EDM beat I knew had to do something with it. It was so funky. So me. Essentially, it was also something fresh and different for me to explore. 

The track features real excerpts from an energy healing session by my friend, spiritual teacher and author David Howard. Check out more of David Howard's writings and meditations at


Embedded in the track is a 528Hz sine tone, which is also referred to as a healing frequency "Love" or "God Tone". Read more



Space was written by me with co-producer Prince Bruce. It's the most personal music recording I've created about my journey through heavy depression and finding peace in my own shadows. Styled with ethereal strings by Unknown Lyric violinist Kevin Grayson, Space is layered with deep electronic grooves and moods. I'm very pleased with the work and hope you enjoy it too.

Photography: Rusty Walton


Dance and meditative exercise are some of the healthiest practices there is to enhance wellness. I’m so pleased to present this dance music project “I AM” I had the pleasure to co-write and produce with author, singer, speaker and coach Cynthia James. We had so much fun playing in these grooves! Read More