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Interactive Drumming with Ty Andrews

With all the world chaos and social distancing going on in our lives, it is important that we remember we are all connected. It is important that we keep our vibration raised like never before. This percussion-fueled online gathering is a safe opportunity to connect, tap into your own rhythm of life and help ground your whole being.

Bring your favorite drum, percussion and noise makers to our online session. Or, simply join in for a listening experience with your headphones. No experience necessary. All ages are welcome! 

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In order to fully experience this drumming session live, please download the free Zoom video conferencing software here
InnerActive Drumming Video
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At Dobbs Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia, students showcase drumming and facilitation techniques learned during their Active Youth after-school program. Students were taught the origin of various instruments and how to incorporate listening and visual skills to make rhythms together. 

InnerActive Rhythm Workshop

Tap Into your Well-Being!

Rhythm is within us and all around us.


InnerActive Rhythm is an engaging music program for all learning levels to encourage connection, creativity, stress reduction, and overall well-being.

With the support of experienced facilitators, various drums, and percussion instruments, participants will be guided through a playful and powerful process of creative expression for connection and overall well-being.


In addition, we acknowledge the sacredness and significant contributions of the drum used in indigenous cultures worldwide and how they help foster authentic communication and diverse learning, create unity, and express emotions.


InnerActive Rhythm Workshop Benefits:


  • Engage in playful rhythmic activities scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, boost creativity, and enhance physiological health

  • Encourage self-expression and group bonding

  • Learn basic hand percussion techniques and explore rhythms from around the world

  • Gain hands-on insights into how “drum circles” have become an effective tool for healthcare professionals to connect with disadvantaged communities 

  • Develop skills that promote self-regulation when working with people in need. 

  • No experience necessary


Drum Circle at Healium Art Gallery

Who Benefits From This Workshop:


Youth and School Programs

Healthcare Professionals

Social Workers

Seniors and Eldercare Facilities

Community Drum Circles

Musicians and Music Therapists

Special Events

Cultural Diversity Advocates

People Needing to Reduce Stress

People Seeking Connection

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