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Ty Andrews is a multi-talented creative visionary with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, branding, and entertainment across domestic and international markets. He has helped various industries, including celebrities, corporations, nonprofits, youth/schools, and entrepreneurs, communicate their purpose with profitable results.

Ty's background in creative arts, marketing, and helping others share their voice stand out amongst his peers. His creative gifts and ability to overcome life-threatening challenges have enabled him to deliver quality work that impacts the masses and changes lives.


25 Years of HIV: World AIDS Day 2023 & Black Health

Every year on December 1st, people around the world come together to observe World AIDS Day. It's a day dedicated to remembering those we have lost to HIV/AIDS, raising awareness, and showing support for over 38 million people currently living with the virus.


This year marks a significant milestone for me as it has been 25 years since I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. While suffering in silence for years, my journey has been filled with hard life lessons but also fueled with hope and resilience. 

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Positively Perfect Dolls Encourage Underpresented Children to Love Their Skin 



Dr. Lisa Williams founded The World of EPI — the World of Entertainment, Publishing, and Inspiration — and became passionate about creating toys that reflect truly authentic representations and skin tones. During her beginning stage of revamping the Positively Perfect Doll line, Ty and Dr. Lisa began working together. Ty redesigned the packaging and concepted one of the top-selling limited edition dolls (shown first on the left), "Zair," an African-American girl with more eccentric hair and clothing features. Today, Positively Perfect Dolls is an award-winning gender-diverse toy brand partnering with Disney and sold in Target and Walmart Stores. 

Letting Go – Ty Andrews (Official Music Video)


Ty co-wrote, performed, and produced the world-inspired dance-pop single from his EP, "Letting Go." An official music video accompanied the EP. 

Written and Co-Produced by Ty Andrews, Will Thompson, and Kevin Phillips.
Lead Vocals/Performer: Ty Andrews

Choreography: Ty Andrews

Engineering/Arrangements: Will Thompson

Music Video Director: David Rams

Filming/Editing: David Joseph McCannon

Producer: Sorrell Sanders

Makeup: Ashley Stuckey


'Be Real' Conversation Game with Alexa and Google


The video is a promotional spot for the "Be Real" interactive card game designed to help icebreakers create more engaging social gatherings. The game included a printed card deck and interactive questions for Alexa and Google devices. 

Director: Ty Andrews

Filming/Editing: David Joseph McCannon

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